The 381 Hub

Look no further! You came to the right co-working place

About Us

The 381 Hub is a co-working space housed within the Digital Curve. The idea of providing a collaborative space for freelancers, SMEs, entrepreneurs, Social Enterprises, start ups, and really anyone who wants the ease and convenience of setting up their own office workspace but at an affordable cost.

The solution of a co-working space is what we provide. The 381 Hub has the necessary facilities that you require to conduct your work, projects and grow your business network. Let us take away your worry of the hassles of setting up your own workspace.

What is the Digital Curve?

The Digital Curve has different 'spaces'.

Aisha's Lunchbox is the food & beverage space.

Ayra's Wellness Studio & Top Nail is the wellness & beauty space.

The Kids Digital Studio is the innovative learning space for children.

Together with The 381 Hub co-working space, the Digital Curve is the culmination of all these spaces which we believe caters best for our co-workers, as well as the public!

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A hub for creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, remote workers, digital nomads and future change makers to network, collaborate, innovate and be well equipped for the digital era in Sarawak and the rest of the world.

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Co-working space with importance of wellness of the mind and body; building and nurturing networks in our community. The 381 Hub is connected with other spaces in our Digital Curve concept. A wellness & beauty space, a F&B space, and a kids innovative & creative learning space.



Hot Desk

  • RM 10 Per Seat
  • Daily Rate

Room 1 - 8

  • RM 500 - 600
  • 96 sqft
  • 108 sqft
  • 109 sqft
  • 99 sqft
  • 88 sqft
  • 72 sqft
  • Month Rate


  • RM 100 per hour
  • Hourly Rate

Business Registration Address

  • RM 300 per year
  • Yearly Rate

Facilities & Benefits

High Speed Internet Access

Secure Door Access

Printer Facilities

Pantry or head down to Aisha's Lunchbox (F&B Space)

Conference Room (The Workshop)

Shared Office Space Ideal for Networking

In-house Programs

Hot Desk or Private Rooms

Collaboration Opportunities

Collaborations and Partnerships

Coming Soon!